Mike Lamirand (Owner)

About Mike

Recording, performing and composing music has shaped Mike’s life since he began playing the trumpet in the fourth grade. In the late 1970s, Mike discovered his love for recording — beginning with a hand-held cassette recorder and evolving to: bouncing cassette tracks, 4-track tape, 8-track tape, reel to reel, DAT, mini-disc, CD and now infinite, unlimited multi-track recording using a computer with digital console. Mike began by recording himself, then bands he played in and eventually others.

Mike has worked as a professional in technical theatre since 1986. Designing sound and composing music for theatrical production has been his forte. Mike has a wealth of scene and light design credits to his name as well. Mike has also managed theatre production and stage managed for decades.

As a theatre sound designer, he has been composing music and recording audio for plays since before the role of sound designer existed. In 2000, Mike published a 10 volume, 18-CD library of theatre soundtrack music and a 4 CD library of theatre sound effects that was distributed internationally through Films for The Sciences and Humanities. These were produced at SounDude Studio (formerly Myattic Studio).

As an audio engineer, Mike has set up and run sound reinforcement for thousands of events of all varieties in all types of venues, indoor and outdoor. He has mixed music groups from all over the world. Mike has recorded and edited in almost every medium available. As a promoter and producer of local talent (including himself), he has recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of hours of music. He is adept in Qlab, Vectorworks, Pro Tools, StudioLive, Sonar, Logic Pro, Wavelab and more. He has programmed and operated a variety of digital consoles using Dante, MADI and AVB digital technologies. Mike is Certified in Dante Level 1.

As a musician, Mike has played in pit orchestras, in rock bands, as theatre accompanist, as classroom accompanist and as studio musician. He can also sing, having performed in several musicals and serving as lead vocalist in several bands.

Most importantly, Mike has an endless passion for everything audio and a true desire to share that passion with other artists.

To listen to music composed, performed and recorded by Mike Lamirand click here.

Click the link below to check out Mike’s Theatre Portfolio on YouTube.