Check out some of the music recorded at SounDude Studios.

Theatre Soundtrack Sampler (Mike Lamirand)

Little Lightning Bug (Mike Lamirand, 2016)

Palms Open (Everybody Jaywalks, 2017)

Call Up Your Friends (Everybody Jaywalks, 2017)

Lonely Only (The Notes, 1991)

Dracula (The Notes, 1991)

Scout-n-Boo (Mike Lamirand, from To Kill A Mockingbird, 1996)

Flowers (Mike Lamirand, from Flowers For Algernon, 1995)

Curios Sofa (Mike Lamirand, from Gorey Stories, 2001)

Album recorded at SounDude Studio in 2017.

Listen to early recordings by Soundude here.