SounDude’s Story

SounDude Studio was founded as Myattic Studio in 2000 on the Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2003 it moved to its current location on the Southside of Noblesville, Indiana. In 2018 the name changed to SounDude Studio.

SounDude is approximately 1500 square feet of Studio housed in the full basement of a residential home with unconventional architecture. The first floor of the house sits on 3 inches of concrete, on top of corrugated steel sheets, on top of 12-inch steel beams. Combined with a concrete block foundation the basement is a fortress. Also, it is all open–no support columns. Furthermore, 2 of the 4 walls are covered in Auralex and the other 2 with carpet (along with the floor). The ceiling is acoustic drop tile. This makes it an extremely quiet space.

SounDude Studio uses AKG microphones, primarily, with a C414B-ULS as the primary vocal microphone. SounDude has 2 – Focusrite Vocal Master Pros as front end processing (great for vocals and bass tracks). SounDude uses a Presonus StudioLive 32 Series III digital mixer with StudioOne 4 Professional on a custom built PC as editor. SounDude also uses a Macbook Pro supporting Logic, Garage Band, Pro Tools Lite and Qlab. SounDude owns the Waves Platinum bundle of plug-ins. SounDude uses Wavelab Pro 9.5 for mastering.

SounDude’s editing suite employs 2 – JBL LSR32L monitors driven by a Crown XLS2000 stereo amp together with a JBL LSR12P powered subwoofer for monitoring.

SounDude also boasts an extensive MIDI setup using a Yamaha S80 as the primary MIDI controller keyboard driving 4 rack sound modules and a Yamaha MODX6 keyboard that combine for 32 simultaneous tracks of audio keyboard outputs. SounDude has thousands of unique instruments, sounds and sound effects at its disposal. A 5-piece Pearl Session Series studio drum kit with Zildjian cymbals is available for sessions, as well. Ask about our available Bass gear.

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SounDude Studio (originally Myattic Studio) is owned and operated by Mike Lamirand. Learn more about Mike here.

Check out photos of SounDude Studio here.