SounDude Studio’s basic rate is $25 per hour for general recording services including:

  • Recording unlimited vocal tracks with one microphone (to prerecorded audio tracks).
  • Recording unlimited instrument tracks with one or two microphones (to prerecorded audio tracks).
  • Basic digital audio editing.
  • DAW instruction.
  • Mix your live event.

SounDude Studio’s advanced rates apply to more sophisticated services.
Quotes are based on an estimate of total time the project will require. Our advanced rate is $45 per hour. Advanced services would include:

  • Recording a band or ensemble music in studio.
  • Recording your original music in studio.
  • Recording your live event on site.
  • Mixing and Mastering your multi-track recording.
  • Producing and recording original music for your publication.

E-mail us for a quote at mike@SounDudeStudio.com.